Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa Lucía • Zaragoza


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Serene love; profound peace; safe anchor for our instability.

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This is the group who looks for the Lord.

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I will remain with you until the end.

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There are no frontiers: the Liturgy on Earth takes part in the Liturgy in Heaven

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Meeting, awaiting and communion in Our Lord´s House.

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LOVE for sharing and sharing out of LOVE.

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In his arms and under his watchful eye, our COMMUNITY was born.

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The sunlight, a call: God is talking to me.

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Give up your rights to another, whether a friend or not. Your neighbour is always Christ.

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Under the same roof, sharing the bread and the Word. Beauty and simplicity.

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Unseen service under the watchful eye of God.

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He is also here.

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Swelling its heart with the sweetness of love, the soul flies, following the way of His will.

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Blessed are those who run the highest risk: following Christ.

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