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Our life

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Our life

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This is the group which seeks the Lord

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From you get up until you go to bed, look for the Beloved One

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Lord, I have been looking for you since dawn. My soul is thirsty for You, like dry land

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This is the only occupation of the nun during the day: “the incessant search for the Lord´s countenance”.

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Love sings! The chant at dawn, the chant at midday,

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at dusk and at night, is the chant of Love which worships, praises, gives thanks,

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implores and intercedes… “Lord, open my lips!”.

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It is the liturgical prayer

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It is called God´s Work

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“Love listens”. “Listen and offer your heart’s ear” (Prol. RB)

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Listening to the Word is reading this Word with an open heart.

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It is meeting the One you love and letting yourself be loved by Him

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to find inner silence and dwell near Him.

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It is love which listens. It is called “Holy Reading”.

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Broken bread given to the sisters,

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Blood which was shed for us…

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…is the Lord Jesus, sacrificed and given up for us.

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“Do this in remembrance of me”. “Do unto your brothers as I have done unto you”

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The Eucharist, focus and centre of monastic Life.

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The one who loves the Lord always remembers Him. Even when working.

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When carried out in seclusion, work is a way of praying. Work is a way of listening.

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Following Jesus´ example, work is always service. Work, inspired by love for the Lord, works alongside the Lord´s creative work and exudes its beauty.

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The smallest of works is a loving hymn of praise

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The nun who does not live from her work is not a true nun (R.B.)

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“Above all put on love, which binds everything together in perfect Unity”. “All should come together as one”… it is the will of Jesus.

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And what joy and happiness there will be when all live united in their hearts!

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What joy and happiness there will be at those times of exchange, relaxation, going out to the solitary countryside!

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How their hearts swell and how the community grows!

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Joy is the emblem of those who are getting ready for the Kingdom.

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Always Jesus! Jesus is also our guest. The doors of the monastery are open to charity and welcome.

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The Community offers the dearest for them: prayer, silence, meditation, a place of gratuity and joy,

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A haven of peace to get our strength back, sincere friendship and advice if required.

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The guests who visit the Monastery…

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…will be welcomed like Christ Himself (R.B.)

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