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Book binding

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Our work: “ora et labora”, “pray and work”, (Saint Benito)

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Binding: books, notebooks, thesis, projects, accounts, magazines, instalments, albums folders, boxes, cases

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Paperback binding, paperback edition in all the materials. Hardback edition: paper, Guaflex and similar, cloth, leather and parchment. Luxury and design. Printing in gold, sepia and other colours. Gold edgings, in colour or personalised. Binding in cardboard covered in paper. Raised bands in leather.

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Book Binding workshop: different aspects.

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Binding workshop: printing machine, shears, rounding off spines, tools, guillotine.

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Working desk, loom, guillotine, printing press, saw.

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Different kinds of binding: leather, lambskin, stamping and embossed.

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Binding in parchment.

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Guestbook: Basilica of El Pilar

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Binding of the bestowal of a title of nobility

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Binding in leather with protective case.

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Different works in binding

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