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Foto 1

Our work: “Ora et labora”, “pray and work” (Saint Benito)

Foto 2

Restoration process of a paper Codex.

Foto 3

Binding process.

Foto 4

Guilding irons, products for working the leather, restoration and binding workshop.

Foto 5

Restoration workshop: Vinyector Machine to reintegrate pulp.

Foto 6

Hydraulic press, spraying room, moistening and drying.

Foto 7

Before and after

Foto 8

Before and after

Foto 9

Before and after

Foto 10

Before and after

Foto 11

Restoration of parchment cover: before and after.

Foto 12

Don Quixote

Foto 13

Restoration of books and documents.

Foto 14

Restoration process of a parchment codex.

Foto 15

Binding process of binding.

Foto 16

Initial pictures.

Foto 17

Taking apart

Foto 18

Sewing of the raised bands: spine covering and sewing of wooden covers.

Foto 19


Foto 20

Places...Machines and tools.

Foto 21

Rolling mill and viewing box.

Foto 22

Parchment book, sewn with raised bands and wooden covers.

Foto 23

Account book: before and after.

Foto 24

Before and after.

Foto 25

Before and after.

Foto 26

Before and after.

Foto 27

Vexilla Regis: supporting board: before and after.

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